Giovedì, 28 novembre 2019

Master in Materials and Production Engineering

Application are now open for non EU citizens living abroad

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Materials Engineering is the science that enables the synthesis and application of materials in everyday society. Nearly everything we use is made of a material that has been modified or designed by a materials engineer who enables it to perform better than it would do without human intervention. Materials engineers and scientists study the relationship between materials' structure, performance, properties and synthesis, with a view to designing and producing new materials and new applications that meet the needs of society.

The Master’s degree course in Materials and Production Engineering is designed to qualify skilled materials engineers and scientists able to explore the design and testing of materials employing cutting-edge technologies, and to manage and promote the technological innovation at different levels, since the labour market increasingly requires experts not only in the engineering fields, but also in design, production and qualification of traditional and advanced materials.

Deadline for non EU Citizens living abroad: 20th of February 2020 at 12.00 (noon)

Further  information about the programme and the admission requirements are available at the link: