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First Call for Admission to EIT Digital Master School

Deadline for application: 6 February 2023 at 12:00 CET

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Join one of the EIT Digital Master School Programmes offered by our Department!

This is a two-year Double-Degree Master course founded on a technical major basis together with an Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor.

The EIT Digital Master School let you study at two world-class universities located in two different European countries. What’s more, you get to build a tailor-made curriculum based on your unique skills and interests.

The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) is currently holding six out of the seven EIT technical majors either as an entry and exit point or as an exit only, part of the didactic offer of our Master's Degree Programmes in Computer Science and in Information and Communication Engineering: 

  1. Cloud and Network Infrastructures (CNI)  - entry and exit 
  2. Cyber Security (CSE)  - entry and exit
  3. Data Science (DSC) - exit
  4. Embedded Systems (ES) - exit
  5. Fintech (FT) - entry and exit
  6. Human-Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) - exit

How to apply

There are two periods to apply:

  • Period one: from 14 November 2022  till 6 February 2023 at 12:00 CET: Open to EU/EEA/CH/Non-EU citizens.

Apply now at

  • Period two: from 8 February 2023 till 11 April 2023: Open to EU/EEA/CH/Non-EU citizens.
    Please note that application period two is not recommended for applicants who require an EU study visa due to time constraints. Also, note that all study trajectories may not be available during application period two.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is possible to apply only in one period (on in Period one or in Period two)

How does it work

The programme involves mandatory 2-year mobility, the first year in an entry university and the second one in an exit university. It also includes a mandatory Summer School held in one of the EIT Digital nodes in Europe. At the end of the program, a Master's degree will be awarded by both universities involved in the mobility scheme. Moreover, EIT Digital students will receive an "EIT label" certificate, attesting to the skills gained during the programme.

EIT Digital programme is held in a consortium of European top universities and leads together with business partners to provide a double-degree program with both technical excellence and hands-on experience.

Each technical program is organized in 120 ECTS:

  • 90 technical ECTS divided into two years:
    • 1st year - common technical competence-base
    • 2nd year - specialization and thesis project
  • 30 Innovation & Entrepreneurship ECTS divided into two years:
    • 1st year - basis and BDLab (Business Development)
    • 1st year (Summer) - summer school
    • 2nd year - I&E studies

Info and Contacts

For more information: EIT Digital Master School
Contacts: eitmaster [at]