Mercoledì, 2 novembre 2016

DEM Research Seminars


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  • M. Bee "Option Pricing Accuracy for Estimated Variance-Gamma Models"

26/10/2016 [room 2C]

  • L. Andreozzi "Reputation erodes social norms: Something you should know and nobody tells about repeated games"

30/11/2016 [room 2C]

  • E. C. Tortia "The protective function of social enterprises: understanding the renewal of multiple sets of motivations"

25/1/2017 [room 2C]

  • R. Tamborini "How can it work? On the impact of quantitative easing in the Eurozone"

 22/2/2017 [room 2C]

  • F. Zona "CEO background and firm decision making outcomes"

29/3/2017 [room 2C]

  • A. Nucciarelli "Understanding the multiple roles of customers in value creation and capture"

26/4/2017 [room 2C]

  • M. L. Frigotto "Understanding mindfulness as a dynamic process: the case of 9-1-1 on September 11, 2001"

31/5/2017 [room 2C]

  • M. Faillo "Modularity and the allocation of decision rights within organiza-tions: results from an agent-based simulation"

28/6/2017 [room 2C]


Seminars start at 15:00 | Please note that the location (room) of the seminar may change

info: stefano.schiavo [at]