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Call for abstracts "Fintech and the Data Driven Economy: Competition and consumer issues" - 21 October 2019

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There is a high-level of anticipation about the benefits that will flow from financial technology (Fintech). The potential for innovative entry, consumer empowerment and the de-oligopolisation of the financial services sector is clearly attractive.

The roll-out of open banking in the UK and its parallel, the consumer data right in Australia, are both positive steps towards reducing friction in comparing bank offerings and switching. On the other hand, the increasing use of customer data by sellers, including financial services providers, has the potential to create barriers to switching and other vertical restraints of trade.

In this context, the workshop seeks to examine the competition consumer issues associated with the rise of Fintech in a data driven economy. It seeks to explore whether current law and regulation is able to address the harms that may flow from conduct in the data driven economy.

Do we need regulatory sandboxes? Will access to applications programming interfaces be an alternative to separation? How do we foster data-driven innovation and concurrently minimise consumer harm? Whether you are a formal presenter or a contributor to the workshop you are welcome to join us.

The workshop will take place in the beautiful university city of Trento and will take advantage of the autumnal charm of Northern Italy (mountain hike on Sunday before the workshop planned, if you can join us).

Call for abstracts

The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas in this fast-evolving space.

Consequently, we seek abstracts of up to 800 words that will lead to presentations designed to further thinking in this area.

Key dates
  • Abstracts due by email to the organisers: 11 August 2019
  • Confirmation of workshop program: 20 August 2019
  • Workshop: 21 October 2019

Rob Nicholls (r.nicholls [at]
Simonetta Vezzoso (simonetta.vezzoso [at]