This page is being updated, please consider checking it frequently.


Until May 4th, 2020, the University of Trento will only offer online courses for its students, also all the staff is working from home. In case of need, all Mobility and International Offices are easily accessible to all students.

There are currently 23 out of 30 students, who had already begun their period at UniTrento in the second semester; carrying out the mobility activities remotely in Trento. The others decided to go back to their home universities and are currently taking online curses or have already finished their period abroad.

To manage this period of Emergency due to Coronavirus, students should constantly check the dedicated pageWhen organising your mobility, please make sure your health insurance covers COVID-Emergency.

Among other services set up by the University of Trento to help students, living away from their families, cope with the current COVID-19 emergency, a set of live programs and podcasts will be available starting from Friday 27 March, through which students can keep track of the progresses of the emergency, find new opportunities of entertainment, find new opportunities for interaction, while still keeping the security distance. Simply tune in to Quarantine Radio! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1.30 pm .

Useful information on ICM grants

1. In case the grantee keeps following the courses, either in the home or host country, the grant will keep applying.

2. In case the grantee decides to suspend their mobility, the principle of “force majeure” will be applied and expenses may be reimbursed, if no other refund has been applied yet. In all cases reimbursement will depend on reasonableness of the costs and available resources. Therefore, it is requested that each student in this situation submit proof of:

  • all travel expenses (airplane tickets, trains, etc.), housing rental deposits and/or travel tickets purchased and then not used due to trip cancellation.
  • official reimbursement requests sent to travel companies which have been rejected (i.e. the company refuses to reimburse you).

All cancelled and suspended mobilities may be postponed but they will have to be completed before the end of the project.

Future students

We are accepting incoming student nominations and applications for the Fall 2020 semester and full academic year 2020-2021. However, due to uncertainty about the constantly evolving global health emergency, at this time we are unable to confirm the format of the courses that UniTrento will offer. In addition, it remains to be seen whether certain national and international travel restrictions will still apply at the end of the Summer.

Newly organised mobility will not be reimbursed if cancelled, we recommend a thorough evaluation of the situation both at the international level and in the host country before planning your mobility.

Nomination deadline extended to June 30th, 2020. Please use the online application form for all nominations.

Academic/Administrative Staff

In the light of the Coronavirus Emergency, the UniTrento International Staff Training Week has been cancelled and postponed until further notice. Please check the official webpage for further information.

All academic and administrative staff mobility, either incoming or outgoing have been suspended until further notice.

In case the grantee already covered some costs with reference to the mobility period at UniTrento, the principle of “force majeure” will be applied and expenses may be reimbursed, if no other refund has been applied yet. Proof of the borne costs must be submitted in the application of the refund. Please contact the International Relations Division to apply.

ICM 2018

As the project was supposed to end in July 2020, a 1-year extension has been submitted to the European Commission and the new deadline will be July 31st 2021.

ICM 2020 

UniTrento successfully submitted the ER+ ICM 2020 project. A total of 308 mobility was requested in collaboration with 26 different partner institutions from 12 different countries. We thank everyone involved for their collaboration. Finger crossed as for the result!