Lunedì, 20 novembre 2023

Symposium "Dining in space: food production, storage and preparation"

Italian Space Agency - Rome, from 20 to 21 March  2024. Deadline for registration: 10 March 2024.

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The success of future human space exploration missions will depend on the development of innovative crew sustenance systems. These new technologies will have to provide safe, nutritious and enjoyable food, maximising the recycling of waste and, in the long term, the utilisation of in situ resources.

The symposium aims to explore existing heritage and new ideas in the field of food science and technology for space applications. The initiative will be an opportunity to promote dialogue between the world of research and industry, encouraging the participation of actors not yet engaged in the space sector.

The ultimate goal will be the creation of an interdisciplinary network for strengthening the sector and enhancing the national contribution to future scientific missions, in the context of global exploration goals.

The symposium poster, with detailed information about the event and how to submit an abstract and register, is available at the event website.

For further information and clarification, please contact spacefood2024 [at]

Participation is free of charge, subject to registration

Deadline for registration: 10 March 2024. Deadline for those interested in contributing a paper:15 January 2024.