Colloquia - Department Seminars

Monthly event consisting in a general audience seminar, addressed to researchers and doctoral students

1 January 2023
31 December 2024
prof. Francesco Tommasino
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Dipartimento di Fisica

Colloquia are broad and general seminars on timely topics of large impact and interest.
They are addressed to all researchers and teachers of the  Department. At the same time they are a key aspect of the education of our doctoral students.
An invitation to attend these seminars is also sent to all our partner institutions in the Trentino area.
The speakers, who are usually top scientists of high scientific profile, are asked to provide a high level presentation, but also enjoyable by non-experts.
The seminar program is done on a yearly basis and takes advantage of the input of the whole Department, including our PhD students (if possible).
The seminar is scheduled to be, overall, one hour long (including the final questions) and to take place, on average, once per month on Wednesday afternoon.