Wednesday, 16 October 2019

TEDxTrento: on 16 November at Teatro Sociale

13 speakers and performers will discuss this year's theme: Focus 2039

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The theme and programme of the next TEDxTrento, now at its seventh edition, have just been unveiled as there is less than one month to go to 16 November, when the event will take place at Teatro Sociale in Trento. “2039: Where and how will we live? What will we be doing? How will we work? How will we move around?". These are the questions that will lead the discussion. The University of Trento is among TEDxTrento's main partners.

A look to the future with stimulating 18-minute TED talks, as usual.

The theme that was chosen for the seventh edition, a look at 2039, is very current. "This fast technology driven development ensured a better quality of life – explained the organizers – but also created various gaps and a range of issues. Climate change, for example, is the cause of a number of problems that span from demography to migrations, with political, social and human consequences that everyone can see. Since we feel responsible for having somehow contributed to what is going on, we want to tackle these issues using reason, science, passion, creativity, to be prepared for tomorrow by taking better care of the present".

The programme
On 6 November, 13 speakers and performers will take the stage at Teatro Sociale from 10 in the morning to reflect about the future. Doors open at 8.30 and guests have access to the various floors of Palazzo Festi, where other activities connected the event will take place and where the partners desks are. There will be three sessions of talks, starting at 10.00, 12.00 and 15.00, with coffee breaks and buffet networking in between. The event will close around 17.30.

The speakers 
The list of speakers includes Cristina Pozzi, member of the World Economic Forum; Massimiliano Magrini innovator and founder of United Ventures; Renato Mazzonicini, former CEO of FS; Carlo Carraro, former Rector of Ca’ Foscari University; Giuseppe Conti, innovator and businessman; Marisandra Lizzi, journalist; Roberto Verdone, communication technologist; Michelangelo Tagliaferri, writer and philosopher. The University of Trento will be well represented by Dino Zardi, climatologist; Ilaria Pertot, director of the Centre for Agriculture, Food, Environment; Agnese Vitali, demographer and sociologist; Anna Cereseto, biotechnologist; and Fondazione Bruno Kessler by Bruno Lepri, researcher, and Paolo Traverso, director of IT. The event will be presented by Claudio Ruatti, performers will be on stage between one speaker and the next.

Over 5,000 participants and 25,000 online viewers listened to the 94 speakers who were invited in the first six editions: 2013 “Quality of life”; 2014 “Creativity and diversity”; 2015 “The courage to dare”; 2016 “Flight test”; 2017 F.A.R.E.; 2018 “Hic sunt leones. Oltre l’ignoto, oltre il conosciuto, oltre il convenzionale”. All talks can be viewed on the platform. The stories and performances of the first six editions, in Italian, have been translated into English and other languages and reached over 800,000 views globally.

The seventh edition of the event will be streamed too, from the event website 

TEDxTrento was created seven years ago as an independent event on the initiative of a group of volunteers who adhere to TED spirit, guided by the licensee and organizer Mirta Alberti. The event is supported by the University of Trento and by a network of partners: Waldner, La Sportiva, Muse, Fondazione Cassa Rurale di Trento, Associazione artigiani e piccole imprese della Provincia di Trento, Aquafil, GM Calze, Mediocredito Investitionsbank Trentino Alto-Adige, Pervoice, Esperia, NHTrento, Co.di.Pr.A., SpBroker, Abitare Design, Italnolo, Trentino Network, Sicurello, Trento Alta Formazione Grafica, Panificio Zorzi, Indal, Funghi delle Terre di Romagna, Felicetti, Salumificio Val Rendena, Menz&Gasser. TEDXTrento is supported by the Autonomous Province of Trento and by the Municipality of Trento. Students of the ENAIP culinary institute in Tione will prepare the light lunch and the social dinner, guided by starred chef Alfio Ghezzi, who gave a TED talk years ago.

Photography and video recordings are not allowed during the event. All official TED materials will be made available by the organizers in a drive folder.

More details in the press release


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