Thursday, 3 September 2020

4 Jean Monnet initiatives approved

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The European Commission has recently approved 4 Jean Monnet projects, submitted by UniTrento professors with the support of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, as part of the Erasmus + Program. 

The following initiatives will be active from next autumn:

Jean Monnet Module "Food Law and Globalization" – EU-FLAG, which aims to develop greater knowledge of European agri-food law and on how it operates within the processes of internationalization of the markets, underlining the dialogic relationship between the rules of the agri-food chain and globalization. Within this Module a study course in English and a workshop, on an annual basis, open to the academic community, professional operators and civil society.
Length: 3 years, responsible: Matteo Ferrari, Faculty of Law, Center Agriculture Food Environment.

Jean Monnet Project "Enhancing European Citizenship. Towards a More Social Europe" - MoSE, which intends to deepen the reflection on citizenship and social rights in the European Union, and to work towards a more attentive Europe towords the social dimension. The project will combine some international academic initiatives together with a rich program of workshops and Eurodays actively involving high school students and supporting teachers in rethinking civic education from a European perspective.
Lenght: 2 years, responsible: Michele Nicoletti, School of International Studies and Dept. of Humanities

Jean Monnet Chair "Politics Without a Centre" - PWOC, a contribute to academic research and debates about some of the contemporary challenges to governing and political order in the European Union, its member states and beyond. It will frame this by addressing three sets of issues: the extent to which there has been an erosion of political epicentres; what might be some of the consequences for politics and society if there has been; whether the EU is a cause or a solution to politics without a centre (PWOC). It will try to achieve this objective by organizing workshops and conferences that bring together a wide range of scholars, both disciplinary and geographic; and by academic publications in leading journals and academic presses.
Lenght: 3 years, responsible: Vincent Della Sala, Department of Sociology and Social Research

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the "Geopolitics of Greater Eurasia" - GeoEUro
There is a need to begin to develop teaching and research capacity to understand not only the broadly defined area of “Greater Eurasia” – which for this project runs from China to the Irish Sea - but whether and how this means a return to the “great game” of power politics and what role the EU might play in an international order based on control of territory and spheres of influence. The aim of the centre will be two-fold. First it wants to push forward a teaching and research agenda centred on how geopolitics is changing the nature of international order and is redefining the Greater Eurasian space. Second, it wants to make the new centre an intellectual hub for a network of junior and senior scholars, as well as civil servants, across the greater Eurasian space.
Lenght: 3 years, responsible: Vincent Della Sala, Department of Sociology and Social Research

Through the Jean Monnet Action, the European Commission finances initiatives aimed at innovation, integration and dissemination of content relating to the European Union.

The Erasmus + call, in the framework of which UniTrento professors can submit new Jean Monnet projects, is published in the second half of October with a deadline in mid-February.

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