Friday, 10 May 2024

First place to DISI researchers at the Brain-Computer Interface Designer’s Hackathon

Congrats to CIMIL research group!

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Michele Romani, Gregorio Andrea Giudici, Alberto Boem, Domenico Stefani and Devis Zanoni have won the Brain-Computer Interface Designer’s Hackathon (BR41N.IO) during the BCI & Neurotech Spring School 2024 organized by g.tec medical engineering that took place on 27-28 April, 2024.

They won the "BCI Programming & Art Projects" category with the BCHJam project, a Networked Music Installation that allows musicians to control some parameters and filters during a live performance and to influence visual effects for an audience in augmented reality.

Michele Romani and Gregorio Andrea Giudici are PhD students at our IECS Doctoral School; Alberto Boem and Domenico Stefani are Research Fellows at our Department, and Devis Zanoni is a Bachelor Student in Informatics.

They are all part of the Creative, Intelligent and Multisensory Interactions Laboratory (CIMIL) at DISI, an interdisciplinary research lab committed to research on new forms of interaction and experience, based on emerging technologies, led by prof. Luca Turchet. The aim of CIMIL is to be at the forefront of innovation in various sectors, including the industrial, artistic and cultural ones.