News Disi | UniTrento 2021: registrations are open Registration will be open until 28 January 2021
G7 and G20 Youth Summit Young Ambassadors Society is recruiting the Italian Delegates
Artificial intelligence discovers 100,000 new craters on the Moon Research work, with the collaboration of DISI UniTrento, published in Nature Communication
Acknowledgments by IEEE to DISI professors Fabrizio Granelli, Lorenzo Bruzzone, Maurizio Marchese, Claudio Sacchi and Nicola Conci
A chair in China for the University of Trento Paolo Rocca, professor at Disi, has been invited to provide training and conduct research at the Chinese university
DISI contributes to the tourism innovation of the Valle dei Mòcheni Participatory Design of technological products and services
Election for the partial renewal of the National University Council - CUN The election will be held from 20 January to 3 February 2021