Monday, 6 July 2020

Covid-19: New rules for accessing the Department

From Sept 15, 2020

Versione stampabile

Update rules accessing the Department up to Sept. 30, 2020

The general recommendation remains to follow strictly the general safety measures from Covid-19 protocol.

Administrative offices of the Department are required to identify and notify visitors who access the office in order to maintain temporary records of the people with whom they come into close contact.

Access authorization guidelines

Please read and follow carefully the rules as follows:

1) Fill in the DISI authorisation form for each day you need to access to the Department.

  • The requests have to be sent by Friday before, for the following week
  • Remind your supervisor to approve the activity by replying to the email authorisation request 
  • You can also check the status of the authorisation at the following link.  

2) At the Reception POVO 1 or POVO 2 you have to check-in and check-out by scanning the QR Code, using the UniTrentoApp. Once you get approved, your authorisation becomes visible on the App. If the UniTrentoApp doesn't show it, send an email to the person indicated below the QR Code.

How to behave in the Department

Supervisors and RP’s coordinators have to schedule the accesses to the common spaces according to UniTrento and DISI rules. It is strongly recommended a max of two people for small offices and 3 or 4 people in large rooms. 

People in the Department must follow the Covid-19 measures for your safety and the safety of people around you, as follows:

  • Maintain social distancing and keep at least 1 meter from others
  • Wear always a face surgical mask unless you are alone at the workplace
  • Maintain good personal hygiene as recommended by health authorities. Sanitize your hands before and after using public spaces and things.
  • You can enter and move in the building according to your Covid-19 access authorization.  
  • Keep open the room's windows as frequently as possible.
  • Use the printers once you sanitize your hands, before and after using them.

You find all detailed rules in the UniTrento protocol (see the download box).

Contact: Luigi Palopoli, Safety measures delegate