The COVID-19 Pandemic and China’s Global Projection

Between Continuities and Changes
10 novembre 2022
11 novembre 2022
Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
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Sofia Graziani
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Thursday 10 November

11.45 – 12.00 Welcome and opening remarks

12.00 – 12.40 Keynote speech

Mary Augusta BRAZELTON (University of Cambridge) - From Plague Fighters to Barefoot Doctors: China in Global Health Histories

12.40-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.30 Panel 1. China’s Soft Power and Public Diplomacy

Chair and discussant: Laura DE GIORGI (Ca’ Foscari University Venice)

Marina RUDYAK (University of Heidelberg) - Foreign Aid Meets Xiplomacy: Elements of International Development Cooperation with Chinese Characteristics

Beatrice GALLELLI (Ca’ Foscari University Venice) - China’s Public Diplomacy in and through Texts: The Role of Translation in (Re)Framing China’s Official Narratives in the Era of COVID-19

Giulia SCIORATI (University of Trento) - Health Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics: Tracing Discourse on Cooperation with Central Asia during COVID-19

Sofia GRAZIANI (University of Trento) - Historical Narratives as a Tool of China’s Diplomacy Towards Africa before and after COVID-19

16.30-17.00 Break

17.00-18.00 Panel 2. China in the Global Economy

Chair and discussant: Andrea FRACASSO (University of Trento)

Alessia AMIGHINI (University of Eastern Piedmont) - Networks of Chinese Influence Abroad

George MAGNUS (University of Oxford and School of Oriental and African Studies) - The China-US Decoupling

Friday 11 November

9.00-10.30 Panel 3. China-Europe Relations: Projection and Perceptions

Chair and discussant: Simone DOSSI (University of Milan)

Giovanni B. ANDORNINO (University of Turin) - China’s Search for Sustainable Followership: The Case of Italy in the “New Era”

Jens DAMM (Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg) - China and Germany during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Between Continuity and Increasing Confrontation

Richard Q. TURCSANYI (Palacký University Olomouc) - Prospects for Independent European Relations with China Amidst Growing US-China Tensions: Evidence from Public Opinion Surveys

10.30-11.00 Break

11.00-12.00 Panel 4. China and the Global South: Perspectives from Africa and the Middle East

Chair and discussant: Maria Cristina ERCOLESSI (University of Naples L’Orientale)

Sara DE SIMONE (University of Trento) - Blooming Relations: South Sudan and China before and after COVID-19

Pejman ABDOLMOHAMMADI (University of Trento) - China and Iran: Toward a Strategic Alliance?

Organizing committee:

  • Sofia Graziani
  • Andrea Fracasso
  • Giulia Sciorati

The conference is hosted by the Department of Humanities and organised in collaboration with the School of International Studies and the Center of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (CeASHum) as part of an interdepartmental research project entitled “The Belt and Road Initiative and the Impact of COVID-19 on China’s International Projection” (BRIICoPIC 2021-2022), funded by the University of Trento (coord. Sofia Graziani).