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Searching for Memory between the Mind and the World

28 agosto 2024
29 agosto 2024
30 agosto 2024
Organizzato da: 
Laboratorio Interdipartimentale Memoria e Società (LIMS)
Scadenza prenotazioni: 
2 agosto 2024, 12:00
Giorgia Proietti - Thomas van de Putte
Staff di Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia
0461 281788 - 282913

What is memory? Is it a function of the mind, the result of a socio-historical process, of developing cultural meanings, or of something else all together? Where is it to be found? And how can it be uncovered for research? Why should it be researched? Which interactions can be discerned between memory and history? And is the interdisciplinary study of memory a form of productive difference or oecumenic integration?

The LIMS - Interdepartmental Laboratory Memory and Society is pleased to announce its international conference, which will take place from August 28 until August 30, 2024 at the University of Trento. It will aim at fueling a debate about the possible intersections and convergences between cognitive, collective, cultural and historical approaches to memory in the humanities and social sciences. We believe that now is a timely moment to (re)formulate answers to the fundamental questions asked above. The field of memory studies is increasingly institutionalizing with its own association and dedicated journals, handbooks, networks, labs and research centers. It is highly necessary to return to the fundamental questions of the field and see if we have theoretically innovated while memory studies have been expanding and institutionalizing. At the same time, we believe that the theoretical, epistemological and methodological differences between cognitive, cultural and historical approaches will keep on informing the field moving forward. These differences need to be addressed and debated. By bringing scholars working within the respective traditions together in a series of roundtables and panels, this conference’s aim is to figure out
what the central debates are that move the field of memory studies, and what exactly the interdisciplinary conversation is in which memory studies scholars are engaged.

The conference is organized by Giorgia Proietti (Department of Humanities, University of Trento, giorgia.proietti [at] and Thomas Van de Putte (King’s College London, thomas.1.van_de_putte [at] Confirmed roundtable speakers are Berber Bevernage, Aline Cordonnier, Sarah Gensburger, Francesco Mazzucchelli, Wulf Kansteiner, Hannes Obermair, Jeffrey K. Olick, Valérie Rosoux, John Sutton, Jeremy Yamashiro.

The programme is available in the download box below.


The conference will be held in an in-person format only. 

Non Unitn people who plan to attend should register online and pay a 60-euro fee (inclusive of 5 coffee breaks and 2 lunch buffets). The registration link will remain open until Aug. 2nd; the invoice, along with payment instructions, will be sent in the following days; the payment of the fee will be due by Aug. 27th.

Participation is free for Unitn people, who are nonetheless requested to communicate their intention to attend via email to Giorgia Proietti - giorgia.proietti [at] and Ivana Pasquazzo - eventi.lett [at]

Scientific Committee: Giulia Proietti, Thomas van de Putte, Maurizio Giangiulio, Giuseppe Sciortino

Organizing Committee: Giorgia Proietti, Thomas van de Putte, Michael Castellino, Antonio Iacoviello

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