Monday, 6 July 2020

DISI PhD alumna wins Trentino Startup Valley Demoday

with the Startup “TXC2”

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Hwang Hyeon Kyeong, an alumna from the Doctoral program in Information and Communication Technology at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, has won with her startup “TXC2” the Bootstrap Demo Day (the first phase of Trentino Startup Valley program).

“TXC2” was founded along with the mathematician Tiziano Lattisi. The team was able to bring an innovative idea, software for digitizing lessons. A useful tool, specially in our current times of social distancing. The system developed allows creating personalized real-time annotations and summaries upon finishing each video lesson, thus facilitating remote learning and participation for people with disabilities that prevent them from attending lessons in person.

Selected among the 11 finalist teams participating in the entrepreneurship acceleration program from Trentino Sviluppo and Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT), the idea was awarded 2000 euros in tokens to be used during “phase two” along with access to the finals of national-level competition “Premio PNICube”.

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Source: Trentino Sviluppo SpA

Trentino Startup Valley is a startup accelerator that offers to new entrepreneurs an accompanying program characterized by training appointments, coaching and financial support.
The program is divided into three phases: “Bootstrap, Validation, Go-to-market” and to be admitted to the next step candidates must successfully pass the previous one.