Memory studies in Trento – Multidisciplinary perspectives (con D. Giudici e T. van de Putte)

Studiare la memoria a Trento – Prospettive multidisciplinari
11 maggio 2023
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Palazzo Paolo Prodi - Via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento
Aula Targetti - 3th floor
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Giorgia Proietti
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Giorgia Proietti
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Thomas van de Putte e Daniela Giudici


Thomas van de Putte, Outsourcing European Memory 

In this talk, Thomas will outline the key ideas of his forthcoming book, Outsourcing European Memory. In the book, he provides an analysis of the EU’s memory policy from conception to implementation, using cultural, institutional and interactional perspectives.

Daniela Giudici, "Institutional memories" within the asylum evaluation system / “Memorie istituzionali” nel sistema di valutazione dell’asilo

In order to be considered eligible for protection, contemporary asylum seekers are invited to expose their personal biographies several times, in front of different state institutions. In this talk, Daniela will draw on the ethnographic analysis of asylum determination procedures, in order to highlight some key elements of these "institutional memories", as well as the cultural and moral norms in which they are embedded. 

Short bios

Thomas van de Putte is a post-doctoral fellow at the Université Catholique de Louvain and collaborator at the Department of Sociology and Social Research in Trento. His work centres around cultural memory integrating sociological, linguistic and literary perspectives. He is among the founding members of the LIMS.

Daniela Giudici is Assistant Professor at the University of Trento, where she teaches Cultural Anthropology. Her research focuses on migration, citizenship and asylum and, more recently, environmental crises and urban futures.